Integrating Instructional Technology

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  • Published : December 18, 2011
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Integrating Instructional Technology
Technology is everywhere. All around us we have cell phones, computers, laptops, televisions, DVDs, CDs; the list can go on forever. Now, we can even incorporate technology into the classroom, which only seems appropriate with the times we are in. The evolution of technology continues to sky-rocket to new levels every day. But what types of technology can we use in the classroom? The most common technological devices seen in many classrooms are the overhead projectors and televisions with VCR/DVD players (Brill 2007). While these forms of technology are somewhat outdated, they can still be efficiently used, especially in low budgeted schools that cannot afford the up and coming technological advances. The overhead projectors are great to have to display notes and diagrams so the entire class can see them all at once without the teacher having to write and re-write the notes on a blackboard. And what student never got excited when they heard they were getting to watch a movie in class that day? Televisions with VCR/DVD players in the classroom are great ways to incorporate movies, television shows and new programs into any lesson, as long as they are used in moderation, of course. Having computers readily available for students is important to integrating technology into a classroom. There are many different computer programs that can be utilized in the classroom to assist with perfecting different skills. There are writing tools, typing programs, and games that can be installed on the computer that students can use to refine their writing, math, typing and reading skills. Also there are programs to make subjects seem more fun for students, such as science and history, by making it a game. And let us not forget about writing papers and creating projects. With programs like Word Processor and PowerPoint, students have the ability to not only refine their skills, but have the templates and resources to get creative...
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