Integrated Marketing Communication

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‘Integrated marketing communicating is a concept that companies coordinated their marketing communication tools to deliver a clear, consistent, credible and competitive message about the organization and products. The objective is to position product and organizations clearly and distinctively’. (Jobber, 2007) ‘Integrated Marketing Communications
(IMC) is a new trend in business planning
– combining different communication instruments such as promotion, public relations, sale promotion, personal selling, Internet communication and direct marketing.’ ( Objective: maintain the customer loyalty through effective integrated marketing communication.

Background and situation analysis

There are two strategic goal of Renault. Firstly, Renault tends to be the best carmaker in terms of the quality of products and services. Secondly, Renault presents a young, strong and innovative product line. (FUNDINGUNIVERSE) Therefor, the key target of the market may be the customer who is young and fashionable.

According to the Renault official website, Renault is the leading car manufacturer in Europe which is the major market in the light commercial vehicle field. However, it also indicated that the sales dropped in Europe included 2% in the U.K., 17% in Spain and 10% in Italy at the first month in 2012.

According to research done by MarketWatch, the sales of light commercial vehicle produced by Volkswagen rose 6.7% and 50% in Western and Eastern Europe, respectively. However, Renault lost the market share in January in 2012. Selection and execution of marketing communication mix

Selection and execution of integrated marketing communication mix

Greenwell indicated that there are ten ways to maintain customer loyalty, such as thank customer for doing business, communicate with past and existing customer, give more than the customer want, listen to the customer, be polite to customer, make realistic promise, share information with customer, inform customer what kind of business happened, explain how company runs and enjoy the customer. The task is to communicate with the customer and deliver the same message to the target customer in an effective way.

There are several market tools to communicate with customers, such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, Internet communication and direct marketing. ( ‘To a CEO of a multinational corporation, advertising is an essential marketing tool that helps create a brand awareness and loyalty and stimulates demand.’(MBA Knowledge Base) In order to present Renault is a ‘young, strong and innovative brand’ (FUNDINGUNIVERSE), advertising is the core element of integrated marketing communication through appropriate media channels.

Because the target market of Renault is the people who are young and purchase light car, ‘Twizy, the entertainment car’ idea present a brand-new life in the urban area. In the first picture, a group of young people is dancing on the road and they dressed in a fashionable style. The background is high building, which means it is in the urban area. In terms of innovative brand, the second picture shows the new trend of car, electricity-powered. A young man takes the cable out of the car and connects it to the socket. It shows that Renault bring new technology to the product and foresee the future of car. In the advertisement, the music is also important. To meet the taste of young people, electric song are chosen. This advertisement gives and informs the young people what they want and what Renault will bring to them, such as innovative technology and new idea of urban car. Public relation is another tool selected to communicate with customer. ‘As a part of being a good corporate and community citizen, a firm will use public relations (PR) as a way to create a good image and reputation. PR uses techniques like press releases,...
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