Integrated Marketing Communication

Topics: Chocolate, Mars, Incorporated, Hot chocolate Pages: 3 (638 words) Published: December 6, 2012
I. History and Background
Galaxy chocolate is highly popular in United Kingdom and the Middle East as well as in Africa. The brand is also known as Dove in many parts of the world including the United States, People's Republic of China, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, France and Greece. However, the chocolate used in Dove products in the United States is different in taste from the chocolate used in Galaxy in the Kingdom. Galaxy and Dove chocolates were introduced in 1956. During that year, a Greek-American immigrant from the Chicago area named Leo Stefanos was credited for creating such appetizing milk chocolate. In 1986 Mars Incorporated acquired Galaxy Company after being successful for 30 years. Galaxy produces other chocolate milk specialties such as Truffle, Promises,Duetto, Ministrel and Senzi. Likewise, it also produces other enticing variations like Ripple, Minstrels as well as Fruit and Nut. Other than milk chocolate bars, galaxy provides a wide variety of products that are also available under the same brand. These include ice cream, chocolate cakes and hot chocolate powder. Some of the newer and highly improved variations of the product are Galaxy Roasted and Caramelized Hazelnuts, Galaxy Smooth Dark as well as Galaxy Raisin, Almond and Hazelnut. More importantly, this particular product brand is good from the inside out. Consumers will definitely love its new packaging, interesting shape and creamy taste. Through the years, the ingredients of the products have been enhanced for the welfare of its customers. The ingredients are much healthier than ever. They can now be part of a healthy and nutritious diet. In other parts of the world, Galaxy chocolate products are distributed as Dove chocolate variations. These include Canada, the Netherlands and Germany. Additionally, the same also goes for the People’s Republic of China and the United States. According to a survey conducted by “Checkout” magazine, Galaxy was able to grab the 26th spot...
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