Institutional Development as a Challenge to Democratic Sustenance in Nigeria

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  • Published : May 7, 2012
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INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT AS A CHALLENGE TO DEMOCRATIC SUSTENANCE IN NIGERIA Based on the journal, International Studies 44, 3 (2007): 217-33, by Sarabjit Kaur was mentioned about Institutional Development as a Challenge to Democratic Sustenance in Nigeria. Democracy is one of the important thing that must have in social, economic and political in nature. In the development of countries usually because of economic and social conditions that helped in the sustenance of democracy but it was primarily due to the political institutions, which had evolved over a period of time. There are some way or methodology for author to explain about the topic. Firstly, factors promoting democracy. According to the author, democracy is one of the concepts on which is no agreement on definition. Democracy is the government that govern by people which is select from the election. The development of the government and democracy was support each other. Democracy is needed to develop the government or country. Secondly, the author try to explain the topic by bring the case study in Nigeria. The practices of democracy in Nigeria can explain in aspect of economic, social and political factors. The first view was on economic deprivation of farmers and workers. In Nigeria, if one views development by focussing on the social dimension then one finds that development did not take place in Nigeria. The development can be cleared if it focus on many aspect such as agriculture. The economic is actually one of the important thing because nearly 70 per cent of the population depends of it for livelihood such as production of crops. The economic sectors was actually had a problem in industrial sector. Economic differences existed at two levels which was one, between the capitalist class as a whole and the working class and the other between comprador bourgeoisie and the indigenous bourgeoisie. Another view was on deepened social issues in Nigeria. There are three predominant in Nigeria which was...
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