Inside the Mind of a Dictator

Topics: Ferdinand Marcos, Philippines, President of the Philippines Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Forty years after the imposition of martial law in the Philippines, in accordance with Presidential Proclamation 1081, dated September 21, 1972. Most Filipinos have their different opinions and speculations why former president Marcos declared martial law, was it to restore the order of the nation that was being torn down by, himself, the leader of this very own nation or was it for his personal reason to extend his reign beyond December 30, 1973.

Had it not for our misplaced values and oblique perceptions of things, Mrs. Marcos would be right in saying that the declaration of martial law by her late husband, Ferdinand E. Marcos, was his greatest political act as President. It could have been his greatest heroism, for then he acted to save the republic from being violently fragmented by an ideology determined to overthrow the constitutionally established government. Positively looking at that fateful decision, maybe in that sense Mrs. Marcos was right. It was an ultimate act of self-defense, for often the painful process connotes a degree of suppression to those who purposely sought to realize their objective outside the parameter of a peaceful process

Well if you ask me, based in my own opinion I guess Marcos real motive was to extend his term. Because if you look at the time when he was still president and is about to end his term there was a big storm that hit the Philippines revealing devastation throughout Luzon, dikes throughout the area broke down, flooding large swaths of land. Millions were left homeless and 142 people died. Nearly all major and minor roads were under water or mud. In addition to the thousands of people forced from their homes, the rice crop for the season was lost. Food riots broke out in several places and looking rampant. Cholera and typhoid epidemics also resulted. The government had a budget for natural calamities but since Former President Marcos had spend this budget to his “other” projects leaving the Philippines in very...
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