Inside Job Review

Topics: Subprime mortgage crisis, Financial services, American International Group Pages: 11 (4017 words) Published: May 13, 2013
This Documentary is about the economic recession of 2008. How it happened and where do we stand now. It is made in American context since the collapse of the global economy was triggered by the collapse of a few American Financial institutions provides an in depth analysis and investigates the reason that lead to the collapse of the global economy. It begins by providing us a real life case of Iceland. How Iceland moved from a very successful and developed country to a country that is now in debt of billions of dollars. It basically brings out the role of the financial sector most specifically investment banks and their wrong decisions and excessive lending of money that eventually crashed the global economy. It also focuses on the fact that the executives and senior management of these financial institutions gambled with their customer’s money for their personal gains and kept investing in risky securities. It uncovers the role of different governments and administration in the growth of these institutions and how they supported these organizations and their executives by deregulation and by creating different laws and passing different acts in their favor. Another very shocking fact that was revealed was that the financial advisors and finance ministers were the either the CEOs or the chair persons of the same financial institutions that led to the crisis. It also shows how the debt chain works and how a Principle debtor’s money goes to investor all over the world. The Documentary is in five parts we will look at them one by one.

Part: 1. How we got there?
In september 2008 the bankruptcy of US investment bank Lehman Brothers and the collapse of the world largest insurance company AIG triggered the global financial crisis. This crisis was not an accident It was caused by an out of control industry. After the great depression, the US had 40 year of economic growth and development. the financial industry was tightly regulated most regular banks were local businesses and they were prohibited from speculating with depositors savings. Investment banks which handle stock and bond tradings were small private partnerships. In the 1980s the financial industry exploded The investment banks went public given them huge amount of stock holding money. In 1981 president Ronald Reagan choses Treasury Secretary the CEO of investment bank Merrill Lynch - Donald Regan. The Reagan administration supported by economists and financial lobbyist started the 30 years period of financial deregulations. In 1982 the Reagan administration deregulated savings and loan companies allowing them to make risky investments. People who were involved in this disaster namely Alan Greenspan was appointed the chairman of the Federal Reserve and reappointed by the Clinton and the Bush administration and deregulation continued under Greenspan’s administration. By the late 1990s the financial sector had consolidated the financial sector had consolidated the financial sector had consolidated that their failure can threaten whole system And the Clinton administration helped them grow even larger. In 1999 Citicorp and Travelers merged to form Citigroup - the largest financial services company The merger violated the Glass-Steagal act - a law passed after Great Depression which prevented banks with costumer deposits from engaging in risky investment banking activities. It was illegal to acquire Travelers. The next crisis came at the end of the 90s The investment banks fuel the mass of the bubble in internet stocks Which were followed by a crash in 2001 that caused $5 trillion dollars in investment losses. The Securities and Exchange Commission - the federal agency which had been created during the depression to regulate investment banking had done nothing. Stock analysts were being paid based on how much business they brought in and what they sad publicly was quite different from what they sad privately. Ever since deregulation began, worlds biggest banks were...
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