Inside Izmir International Fair, the Oldest Trade Show in Turkey

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  • Published : April 11, 2012
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Inside: İzmir International Fair
Inside: İzmir International Fair will allow us to become familiar with the oldest tradeshow in Turkey, considered the cradle of Turkey's fairs and expositions industry. This study will show the way the Fair works from the inside, will analyze and show the history of the fair and the city where it takes place, İzmir and will discover how, in its 80th year, İzmir International Fair still goes from strength to strength, attracting the largest number audience of buyers of various products to the Turkey’s trade event..

The essay will invite the viewers to discover the importance of the İzmir fair and everything that makes it unique: A fair that has witnessed the history, watching a country travel a long way over the years. Our audience will learn how it was created, how it is managed, and how it is focused into the future by watching the way it works.


How is it possible to prepare a multi-product exhibition including more than 1.000 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and handling almost 1.5 million visitors? What is the story behind an 80 years old fair considered the cradle of Turkey's fairs and expositions industry? Is it possible to adapt to modernity without losing the original spirit started in 1927?

“İzmir Fair is one of the most prestigious times and settings of Turkey.” Feyzi Hepşenkal
İzfaş Gen. Md.

On February the 17th of 1923, the 1st Economy Congress was held in İzmir, eight months before the proclamation of the Turkish Republic, and it was the beginning of the process of the foundation of the İzmir International Fair. The fair and the festival are held in the compound of İzmir's vast inner city park named Kültürpark, which corresponds to the city quarters ravaged by the 1922 Great Fire of İzmir. The Fair is organized by İZFAŞ, a depending company of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and on 2011, the 80th İzmir International Fair will take place between the 8th and the 18th of September.

Inside: İzmir International Fair will show how this Fair has been at the heart of global and local companies in the Consumer and Industrial Products for 80 years and over that time it’s become firmly established as Turkey’s leading trade event.

Through exclusive access to the organization processes of the fair, study will show how the Fair is prepared. On June 19th, Ayakkabi/Winter 2011 “30th İzmir Shoes, Bags and Accessories Fair” will end. On June the 20th, the countdown will start, an army of workers will work to have everything ready for September the 8th, when the 80th İzmir International Fair will begin: Trade Visitors, Manufacturers, Importers & Exporters and General Public, all of them will gather around a multi-product exhibition which will unite a variety of Consumer and Industrial Products under one roof. İzmir International Fair will gauge the potential of the Turkish market for overseas companies, and for their domestic counterparts, will become the best way to promote themselves.

But the study will also show the reader other important aspects around the İzmir International Fair: • İzmir International Fair History
• The organization of İzmir International Fair
• The creator of the Fair: Dr. Behçet Uz
• İzmir city

History made these three elements meet at a point on the road when Turkey was travelling from darkness of war to the light of modernity. While a burnt down city was being transformed into a fairground, no hopes were postponed to the future. The fire that was lighted in İzmir in 1927, had foreshadowed today's Turkey, with all future could bring. To transmit these ideas to our audience, the aspects that the essay wants to reflect, gravitate around the following concepts:

İzmir International Fair’s History

At the beginning of 20th Century, İzmir was chosen as the Industrialization spot to...
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