Input Controls

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The important path
November 11, 2012
English 212
We would all like to be in control of our lives or be the decision makers of our day to day living, with that; we all need a good education and a strong background. We all have goals growing up of being doctors, lawyers, fire fighters or even an explorer, who has great adventures like Indiana Jones. These dreams all must start from somewhere in reality. Just like the plot of a movie, it all must start somewhere, which brings me to my subject, why a college education is very important. I would like to discuss the paths we take in life and how our decisions affect us in the long run and how our decisions now, either bring us further or closer from accomplishing that we set for ourselves, how life is a game of chess and each move is just as important as the first one or as fulfilling as your last. Life is not an overnight adventure, you have day to day trials and tribulations where we must all utilize our best judgment, for today and for our future, and that is why college and the path we take today are so important because it leads us to the future that we all dream of.

In the first few years of high school, just like me, students begin to question, what’s the importance of a college education? Why is so important, what will I gain there that I can’t gain on my own without? The thought of many young kids, just like me, about to graduate, is to immediately generate some sort of income. We must choose and think openly about the correct path because the importance of a college education has become quite evident in the terms of earning potential within today’s economy. Although a higher education may become one of the largest expenses you may ever have, it may just as well be the smartest investment to make. We all think of our lives after high school and how we plan to live with high hopes and expectations. A nice home, a car, two kids, a dog and a big yard, although most of the time we don’t think of the time...
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