Inland Waterways

Topics: Economics, Human rights, International trade Pages: 3 (552 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Inland Waterways

Stimulus, investment in waterways boosts economy
Congestion, prices skyrocket. Increased prices for goods.
Lock traffic doesn’t reduce trade, not significant
Traffic predictions are exaggerated, difficult to predict.
Locks open 90% of the time

Trade, waterways crucial for foreign and domestic trade.
Exploitation of foreign countries, taking resources from environment Free trade spreads disease

Maritime trade keystone for economy
Economic decline causes war, likelihood of conflict increases without plan Trade prevents extinction, nuclear arms cause destruction
Key to agriculture
Agricultural productivity is key to population growth
Food is basic human right.
Human rights keep survival, failure to protect human rights result in nuke war

Failure of locks could cause 45 million dollars
Brazilian soy crop down
Decreased soy from US would decrease Brazilian soy, rising soy prices Soy farming in Brazil hurts environment
Planetary survival depends upon it
Biodiversity loss destroys environment causes extinction, food web collapse. Super diseases. Use of waterways has negative effects on water ecology, use of waterways have a negative impact on the ecosystems Ships more efficient than trucks, less vehicles=better environment.

Investment prevents congestion and air pollution, without the plan air quality decreases Jobs

40 billion dollars, normal means

K: Capitalism
Trade liberalism, free trade is biased ideology. Rich and poor divide. Working in the capitalist system. Trade agreements are extension of hegemonic capitalism,
Ethical responsibility is resisting
Loss of life value outweighs impacts,
Alt is to reject cap, voting no sets off change of events. No government involved in trans infrastructure would be good. Perm Cap
Working with the cap system with K is best plan
Focuses exclusively on class struggle
Turns K, alt shuts down left politics.
Alt can’t solve
Food is basic human...
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