Injuries in Football

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Injuries in American football and how to reduce

Thesis Statement
Injuries in American football, can some of them be prevented? With the increase in injuries in football coaches are looking for better ways to try and prevent unnecessary injuries. Even though you cannot prevent all the injuries as a coach you want to at least prevent some. I. Explaining the content of paper preparing reader to understand the injuries and the importance of trying to prevent these injuries in American football. II. The type of serious injuries that are sustained in American football, can they are prevented or at least reduced? A. Concussions are a very common but serious injury in football. Types of hits or collisions that contribute the concussion. B. Neck injuries and back injuries happen way to often in sport of football. Types of hits or collisions that contribute to neck and back injuries. C. Injuries to legs and arms can be serious depending on the type injury. D. Internal injuries even though not frequent can be very serious to the athlete. III. The type of injuries that are not considered to be serious but can prevent you from playing football for a period of time. A. Pulled muscles are a part of football and there are ways to reduce these types’ injuries. B. Strains and twisted extremities such as ankles and wrists are not always serious but sometimes they can be serious. IV. Interviews with Coach Freddie Whitman, Head Football coach at Rosman High School and Coach Sammy McMahan head trainer for Rosman High School V. Discuss possible preventions and equipment changes that could take place in football that might help prevent some of these injuries. VI. Conclusion

Injuries in American football are increasing yearly, is there something that can be done? With the amount of injuries that are occurring in football it has sent up red flags all over the football community. There are numerous precautions that players, coaches, and trainers take trying to prevent injuries such as: taping ankles, wrist, and wearing extra equipment. This is only a few steps that players are taking to prevent injuries. We will ask some current coaches and trainers to get their opinion on this topic and to see if there are any other things that players can do to prevent injuries. But as we all know football is a very violent sport and you will never be able prevent all injuries and also all injuries are not caused by violent hits. We will be discussing the different types of injuries and discuss how they can happen and if they can be prevented or at least if we can reduce the number of the injuries that happen. The experts that will be interviewed will be Freddie Whitman, Rosman High School Varsity football coach, Sammy McMahan, Rosman High School Athletic trainer, and Paul Hamilton Head football coach at Brevard College. They will discuss whether they have noticed an increase in injuries, some of the most common injuries, some things that they do or suggest to their players to help in reducing injuries, and also talk about some different types of equipment that could possibly reduce injuries. A good overall perspective of injuries that are sustained while playing football and the many things that can be done to prevent or reduce some of these injuries. But the main thing that people have got to start realizing is the fact that some injuries just happen no matter how many precautions that are taken the bottom line is that anytime you play sports you risk an injury. There are many different types of injuries that can occur during a course of a football season anything from head injuries to broken bones and they can be as serious as life threatening to not even missing a play. Discussing these injuries in detail and so everyone has a better understanding of them. The first injury that will be discussed is one of the injuries that have increased over the years and the one that...
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