Initiative Report Coca Cola

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Initiative report
Coca-Cola Conference
125 Years of Sustainable Happiness

Client: Coca Cola
Date: September 21th 2012
Date conference: 24th – 26th April 2013

1. This work is composed by us.

2. This work has not been accepted in any previous application for a degree or Diploma, by us or anyone else.

3. The work of which this is a record is done wholly by us.

4. All verbatim extracts have been distinguished by quotation marks and the sources of our information have been specifically acknowledged.

Date: 20/09/2012

Introduction PCO team


Table of Contents

Intrinsic starting points8
Project Contents9
Plan of approach11
Project of marketing and communication11
Business preconditions11
Risk Analysis12
Appendix A: Intrinsic goals per target group14
Appendix B: Event program15
Appendix C: Gantt chart17
Appendix D: SWOT Analysis18
Appendix E: Budget19
Appendix F: Risk Analysis20

For celebrating the 125th the anniversary of Coca Cola, Massive Events will organize an idealistic event while highlighting the social responsible and sustainable aspect of Coca Cola. The event will take place in Indonesia for three days from the 24th of April to the 26th of April 2013. It’s an idealistic event because Coca Cola doesn’t want to make profit out of it but make people aware of the sustainable and socially responsible side of Coca cola.

The event will be in line with the mission of the company; refresh the World, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference. By having inspiring keynote speakers, interactive and cultural activities, entertainment and a high level of service the event will be of high value to all the stakeholders involved.

The event will take place at the event venue Taman Bhagawan in Bali. This location is perfect situated as it has beautiful views of the beach with a green lawn and trees, embracing the green aspect of the conference, only 20 minutes’ drive from the airport with many hotels nearby. Social responsibility and what coca cola is doing to improve their social responsibility is the highlight of the event so Massive Events will organize events both inside and outside. The themes of the activities are entertaining, inspiring, sportive and informative. The activities will be based on the various target groups.

Coca Cola is renewing the idea about being a sustainable and socially responsible company and they want to get more attention for that. The image of Coca-Cola will be changed or improved and its negative connotations will be battled with the sustainable theme of the event. The big, social and responsible image will be highlighted.

The event wants to bring together various stakeholders and make them aware of the social responsible aspect of Coca Cola in an informative, inspiring, sportive and entertaining way as well as try to improve social responsibility and sustainability. The mission and vision of the event is to get all the participants together to share and improve knowledge about social responsibility and sustainability.

This report is intended for the representative of Coca Cola who will be dealing with the Massive Events team, the intrinsic starting points, the project contents, project approach, marketing and communication and control aspects will be further discussed and a risk analysis conducted. This report is based on ideas generated by the events team and needs to be approved by Coca Cola’s representative. Intrinsic starting points

In this event the mission of Coca-Cola will be presented in different ways. The goal of the event is to get the target groups to...
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