Inherit the Wind: Historical Allusions

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Inherit the Wind: historical allusions

* *What is a historical allusion – reference to people or events that have historical significance and symbolism * In literature this helps the character become more relatable as well as more easily create a connection with the reader

* *Inherit the Wind’s has various historical allusions such as the 3 Kings; Julius Caesar, Charlemagne and Richard I

* We will discuss how the 3 Kings allow the reader to understand the character and context better within the play

King Richard I Charlemagne Julius Caesar

King Richard I

*The historical allusion to King Richard I or better known as Lion-Hearted is seen in the text on page 17 and is stated by Hornbeck. He says, “Shield your eyes monk! You’re about to meet the mightiest of your descendants. A man who wears a cathedral for a cloak, a church spire for a hat, whose tread has the thunder of the legions of the Lion-Hearted!”

* *This refers to the arrival of Matthew Harrison Brady. * *All the citizens of Hillsboro are preparing to celebrate the arrival of the very well known, idolized politician. * To understand this historical allusion you need to understand who and what King Richard I represents and how it applies to Matthew Harrison Brady

King Richard I : characteristics| Matthew Harrison like Lion-Hearted| * A great military leader and warrior * King of England * Fought courageously in military battles * A hero to many of his followers * Fought in the Third Crusade to recapture the Holy Land to show he was worthy to take the cross * Defender of the church * Not accepting of any other religion| * A hero and idolized politician to many people * Leader of the American people * Leader of the Crusade against the theory of evolution * Expert representative of the church and the Bible...
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