Ingredients in Cigarette

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Ingredients in Cigarette
Stearic Acid is a waxy white substance that is a fatty acid. It is found in nature in animal and vegetable fats, and is a component that is used to make candles, plastics, oil pastels, and cosmetics. Stearic acid is also used in lubricating mixtures, waterproofing materials, varnish driers, and as an emulsifying agent. It’s addictive, however it is non-toxic. A study which was done in Sweden shows that Stearic acid is a risk factor for breast cancer. Stearic acid is used cigarettes to preserve it longer. Ammonia is a common chemical you will find the toilet cleaners and industrial-strength cleaners. It is very potent, pungent and is used to kill bacteria. Works really well at cleaning dirty toilets but also manages to work with Nicotine to get you addicted to smoking as quick as possible, because it causes nicotine to be absorbed into the blood more quickly. It is toxic and carcinogen. It is found in volcanic gases and as a product of decomposition of animal and vegetable matter. Hexamine is a colorless to white, odorless, sand-like powder. It is used in adhesives, coatings, and sealing compounds. Hexamine also has medical uses that are typically used to treat urinary tract infections by doctors and medical professionals. It is also used in barbeque lighter. There is no evidence that Hexamine causes cancer. It is neither toxic nor addictive. It’s not found in nature so it’s made in labs. Hexamine is the primary ingredient in Esbit fuel tablets. These fuel tablets have a very high energy density, burn smokeless and leave no ashes. So I believe it is used cigarettes for some reason: less smoke and ash.

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