Informative Speech – the African Killer Bee

Topics: Beekeeping, Africanized bee, European honey bee Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Informative Speech – The African Killer Bee

Has anyone here ever been stung by a bee? There is a chance that it is an African killer bee, rather than the traditional European honey bee. They both have very similar features, but have extremely different behaviors. Killer bees have become a threat to the environment, animals, and humans. A site on – Introduced Species Africanized Honey Bees states that it all started in 1957, scientists in Brazil were studying an aggressive type of bee from Africa, when a few of them escaped. Letting the bees escape was a mistake and it would have many consequences in the future decades. The African bees proved to be extremely adaptable to their new home, in Brazil. They mated with the native bees and in the past decades, they have spread throughout South America, and even in the Southern Parts of the United States. They were known for their aggressive behavior – they were easily agitated and quick to attack. They are not a natural part of the South American community, yet it has become a part of nature. These bees were known as killer bees with their reputation of stinging humans to death. They adapted their names by media over emphasizing its aggression and the ability to swarm humans and attacking them, and can chase humans for a quarter mile. These bees are the one of the most aggressive bees in the world and do not need to be disturbed in order for them to attack. Not only do they affect humans, they have affected the rain forest as well as other animals. According to National Geographic’s Entomologist David Roubik, they pose a greater risk to the forest than to humans. They sucked up the most resources for bees, as well as other animals - such as other bees, birds and other animals that take the same food. The bee is not native to the country, but has spread non-stop. It effects beekeepers business of honey production when faced with Africanized bees. It is unknown how fast the African Bees are...
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