Informative Speech over Immigration

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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As an individual who has witnessed family friends of immigrants that came to this country over 20 years ago in hope of a better future. I understand why so many immigrants are willing to cross a border so dangerous and treacherous to reach a country that is called the land of opportunities. What we call The Unites States of America the land of the free. An average of 2,700 illegal immigrants are willing to cross the border each day leaving there families and risking their own life's to cross to the US. Mostly in the news we tend to hear only the superficial fact but never the real facts or the stories of the capture immigrants. If we would just take time to listen to the real stories of what I called the unforgotten children and women. We could understand the reason why immigrants are willing to take such a difficult decision to cross a border in order to improve their life styles of their families within the economy, escape prosecution of gangs and looking for a better future for the children. The majority of individuals take advantage of the economy while immigrants lack the ability of this advantage. We were given the basic necessities or even more. This country has given us the opportunity to have dreams and make those dreams come true. Many children in other countries are not given the same chance or choices that we have. In the pass year there has been an increase of 50% more immigrants children’s trying to cross the border and the percentage continues to increase each year. Many of these children have a reason to leave their families and take a dangerous journey up north on their own; either with little or no money or even just cloths on their back. While immigrants are crossing the border to have a better economy, some also chose to cross the border to escape gangs. For instance, a 12 year old boy from Honduras not much older than my brother and cousin decided to leave his mom; took with him a grocery plastic bag which contained a set of clean...
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