Informative Speech Outline - Harm Reduction

Topics: Addiction, Heroin, Drug addiction Pages: 4 (1215 words) Published: May 8, 2013
opening device - Alcohol, cocaine, meth, heroin… Most of you probably meet the mention of these substances with an emphatic no, but to some people, this means their life and their sanity. thesis - Harm reduction is one of many models of substance abuse treatment which is a holistic approach that focuses on reducing the harms associated with drug use and less focus is placed on the lofty goal of abstinence. Main Points - I will discuss the general theory of harm reduction and its principles, its criticisms, and alternate treatment models for substance abuse. Body

General theory of harm reduction and its principles
group of policies and programs
Canadian Center on Substance Abuse - Principles
focus on harms
humanistic values
priority of immediate goals
Jim Zelaya-Wagner - harm reduction triangle
International Harm Reduction Association - two main criticisms keeps addicts stuck
ex. methadone maintenance treatment
promotes drug use
many factors shape decisions to use
fundamental feature of HR is harm
Alternate treatment models
twelve-step of AA
honest relationship with themselves and others, and also a connection to a power greater than themselves main goal: abstinence
three key components for sobriety
what is the problem? addiction - step 1
What's the solution? sought through the acceptance of a greater power that can restore us to sanity - step 2 step 3 - take action to recover
most widely used and attendance positively correlated with abstinence biggest problem is the rejection of a higher power
antidepressants widespread use
psychological dependence
pre existing conditions
methadone - physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal recommended as a holistic approach
Summary - Harm reduction is just one of many approaches to addiction treatment that has shown great success in reducing the harms associated with drug use. While nothing goes without its critics, harm reduction has...
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