Informative Speech

Topics: Full-time, Part-time, Part-time employment Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: November 19, 2011
Good morning, Good afternoon, good evening. To all the people that is watching my presentation right now especially to my SPEECOM classmates, my face book friends yes you my friend that is watching my speech, and last but not the least the greatest professor in De La Salle university-Manila Mr. BARROT, JESSIE S. Let us give him a round of applause please! Now let me tell you something, this statistic might probably shock you. In the Philippines, there are about 17.4 million families and out of 19, 738 or 0.1 %, I repeat 0.1% belongs to the richest families; anyone below this group would likewise want to be in a higher status of living. Although this is the case, it is easier said than done. That is why we should find our own way to be as good as them. Good day to you all! I’m Kenneth Yu and I will be talking about the secrets for students to become rich. There are three things that students should do. First of all, in order for students to become rich, we must learn from the richest people and have the same mindset like them. In the Philippines, the top 3 richest people are the following: Henry Sy having a net worth of $7.2 Billion, Lucio Tan having a net worth $2.8 billion and John Gokongwei have a net worth $2.4 Billion. These people become rich because of 4 reasons.

1. They have goals in life that let them know what they want to achieve. Having a goal is important because it will let a person know which way to go in the future and it will you help focus on your goal until you achieve it. 2. They don’t just think, but they act. People without action will never accomplish anything. It is one common mistake of people that they fail to put their goals into actions. 3. They are passionate on what they do. Being passionate or loving what you do, will make a person motivated to do his best and will not get tired of doing the job over and over again. 4. They don’t let problems get in the way but sees problem as opportunities. It’s the matter of perspective,...
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