Informative Essay- Mother and Daughter Relationship

Topics: Hearing, Mother, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: November 1, 2010
A mother-daughter relationship is very crucial in a girl’s life. It is widely known that if a girl doesn’t have her mother to turn to for everything, she will most likely turn to her friends. The “mother and daughter” bond should be the closest bond a girl can have. No friend should measure up to the closeness you share with your mother. It is sometimes very difficult for this to happen for many different reasons. In many cases, the mother will feel like her daughter doesn’t understand because she is young. Likewise, the daughter might feel like she can’t tell her mother certain things because she will not understand where she is coming from, since she is much older. That is one big issue that most relationships between a mother and daughter contain. There are three easy ways of maintaining a healthy mother-daughter relationship.

In every relationship, there is a point where the closeness becomes too close. It is very healthy to have a good, friendly relationship between the mother and daughter, but there also has to be boundaries, as well. With the mother being the adult in the relationship, she has to have set firm parental boundaries. The respect for an adult should still be put into action throughout every situation the two of them are put in. It sometimes can be a fine line between being best friends with your mother and considering your mother the closest person to you. Fighting like best friends fight should not occur between a mother and daughter. When you have the boundaries set from being friends to being the child of the parent, the child will not cross the line during an argument and disrespect as opposed to if she felt as though the parent were more of a friend than an adult figure.

Listening is the key. This goes both ways. If the daughter is trying to explain something to her mother, and she doesn’t like her mother’s feedback, then there’s no real communication going on there. Conversations that lead to arguments typically are...
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