Informative and Surprising Essay

Topics: Sun, Mars, Jupiter Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Benjamin Lifto’s Informative and Surprising Essay

Most people believe that we originated on Earth millions of years ago, but I believe this is our second home. I know it may sound a little crazy, but I have put together a few points that some find interesting. First, recently NASA has been conducting several missions to get a better look at Mars. On these missions they have found evidence suggesting that the planet was once rich in water, but no longer. This shows one fact that it had the resources to sustain life. Furthermore, I watched a program a few years back that showed hylogryphics in underground tombs of planes, computers, and cars, dated thousands of years old. These carvings happened years before these were even invented on earth. I believe these items were in existence at that time, but because of the lack of resources on the new planet, the people had to start over. In the same area is where most Indian tribes originated from. Most if not all Indian tribes believe that the ancestors live in the stars, and that when you die your spirit goes to the sky. My belief is that we originally came from mars after destroying the planet with years of neglect, and landed on earth. The reason the Indians pray to the stars, and believe they go to the stars, is because we originated from Mars, and came on a space ship. After generations of telling the story, it changed to the spirits in the stars.
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