Information Technology Acts Paper

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  • Published : April 11, 2012
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Information Technology Acts Paper
Angie Thompson
April- 5/2012

Information Technology Acts Paper
The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was brought before legislation in December of 2000 and signed off by President Clinton. The law was brought about to protect children from certain internet usage that could be accessed at public and school libraries. Although there were officials that tried to overturn this bill, stating that the bill limited ones First Amendment Rights the law is still in place and helps in the protection of children as they search the internet in federally funded libraries. The need for this law to be present was due to the issues of the advancement in technology. The process of children learning and accessing information has changed dramatically from when the first bill was passed to protect them. The communications act was passed in 1934 to help protect communication through television, radio, and telephone to regulate what was shown and heard. This was a time when children learned from their teachers and gained knowledge from researching books in libraries. As time and technology has progressed the needs for protection has also needed to be changed. While the internet is a tremendous advantage in the advancements that have taken place it can also be an open door to many harmful sites for children. By having this bill passed it is extra and added protection for children using federally funded libraries that use the internet for educational searches. The Federal Information Act (FISMA) was made a law in 2002. The law is defined to protect government information, operations and assets against natural or manmade threats. This act requires officials of all government programs to conduct annual reviews to make sure that all risks are kept below the acceptable level. The advancement in technology has made this law a much needed law to protect federal information from being accessed by those who should not have...
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