Information System Security for the Smooth Running of Organizations

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Information System Security


Information System Security

In today’s time, every organization is made up of information security systems. Information security systems are what keep an organization running smoothly and efficiently while holding all their important information in their computers and networks. All information security systems consist of password protections, firewalls; many different security features can prevent hackers from attacking, physical protection of the network and computer systems as well as confidentiality requirements. Password protection is highly important when talking about Information security systems. Passwords are the first step in keeping out hackers and unwanted guests from entering your security systems. All organizations will require passwords to enter their security systems. Also when dealing with passwords they will also require you to have different symbols. Things such as one capital letter or a total of three numbers in the password or even adding a special character may be a requirement when making a password for the security system. Firewalls are extremely important when dealing with information security systems. “Firewalls are computer security systems that protect your office/home PCs or your network from intruders, hackers & malicious code. Firewalls protect you from offensive software that may come to reside on your systems or from prying hackers. In a day and age when online security concerns are the top priority of the computer users, Firewalls provide you with the necessary safety and protection” ("An introduction to," 2012). In information system security there are three types of firewalls which can be used. The first type of firewall is called packet filtering or packet purity. The second firewall is called a proxy. Many organizations will have Proxies. Proxies I believe are to be the most popular. The third is Inspection. Organizations using firewalls can also block certain...
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