Information Based Decision Making

Topics: Decision making, Problem solving, Psychology Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: May 23, 2013

As a manager, it is vital that all decision that I have to make is based on accurate and recorded information. Making decisions are everyday activities and very often it is being performed without really thinking about them. Information based decision making enables me to understand the problem solving cycle, use creativity in decision making, anticipate potential problems, gain the commitment of others to my decisions in order that they may be effectively implemented and I am able to evaluate the effectiveness of the techniques I used. Running a care home for the elderly faces me with an everyday activities of decision making. Please look at the case of Mrs W below. Mrs W has been admitted to our care for six months now. Her care plan states that she has dementia and has a poor short term memory but can make her needs known. Ms W is very mobile. She will always look for her husband and her son thinking that they are still living together and this is the trigger for her to be unsettled and anxious. Mrs W used to be a manageress and supervises a number of workers. She thinks that staff and residents are her workers. She needs constant reminder that she’s not working anymore and where she is now is not her workplace. Mr W, as the next of kin was involved in creating Mrs W’s care plan and he has signed it. A risk assessment was in place to ensure safety of Mrs W. The Kepner-Tregoc method of decision making distinguishes between plans which is seen as the means of dealing with potential problems; problems, seen as deviation from the norms and decisions which are choices between alternatives. Mrs W has a care plan made by the care staff which state of what could be the potential problem that might arise when looking after Mrs W and how the care staff can support her. As mentioned, Mrs W’s dementia presents itself in a poor short term memory and mainly remember only about her husband and...
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