Informal Letter

Topics: London, Palace of Westminster, River Thames Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: May 23, 2011
Dear Sally,
Thanks for writing such a long and funny letter. I always enjoy reading what you’ve been doing. I’ve recently been on holidays with my sister Anna. We were saving as much money as we could only for one reason: LONDON, the city of our dreams. We are absolutely fascinated by the city, it's really awesome! As you know, London is the capital city of England and it's on the River Thames. Anna and I stayed at a luxurious hotel called “London Marriot Hotel” very close to the city center. We tried to do as much things as we could, only in 5 days. We spend a fortune on the flight on the famous London Eye. In only 30 minutes we saw more that fifty London's most famous landmarks! After the flight, Anna and I went to watch Changing the Guard, which takes place inside the railings of Buckingham Palace. The Queen's Guard is always accompanied by a band and the ceremony lasts 45 minutes. It was really amazing! Also, we took some photos of the Houses of Parliament, of Big Ben and of Westminster Abbey. And we had a nice walk along the riverside. I was mesmerized by London by night. However, not all in Britain is so amazing. We've already noticed that Londoners are very busy people; they're in a hurry all the time. As for the food, I don't like English food. It's tasteless and very greasy. Fish & chips seem to be their national dish. But I must admit that I like English beer. Of course, we didn’t have enough time to visit all the places we wanted to. So I think that I must come back here next summer. Maybe you would go with me -what do you think? Write to me about it in your next letter. Best wishes,


P.S.: I send you some photos that I took in a way to encourage you. I hope you enjoy them…I love you!!
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