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The meaning of inertia

Inertia is the property of an object which resists a change in its motion. If it is at rest it tends to remain at rest , if it is moving it tends to continue moving. Or
Inertia is the reluctance of an object to move once it is at rest or the reluctance of an object to stop once it is in uniform velocity.

Explanation of inertia by Newton’s First Law of Motion

Newton’s First Law of Motion states that “an object will remain at rest or continue with a constant speed in a straight line unless acted on by an unbalanced force or if the external force acting on the object is zero”

Relationship between mass and inertia

The mass of a body is a measure of its inertia. If a body has a small mass, it will have a small inertia; if its mass is large, then so is its inersia.

Some examples of situations involving inertia

Example 1
Observation: The coin drops vertically into the glass .
Explaination : The inertia of the coin causes it remain at rest . The coin drops vertically into the glass due its weight.

Example 2
Obesrvation : The other blocks fall vertically onto the table. Explaination : The inertia of the wooden blocks causes its
remain at rest.
The weight of other blocks makes them fall
Vertically onto the table.

Example 3

Observation :If some ketchup is stuck in a bottle, it can be dislodged by turning the bottle upside down , thrusting it downwards and stopping suddenly. Explanation :The inertia of the ketchup causes it maintain its velocity while the bottle is stopped.

Example 4

Observation:When a driver inside a car applies brake
Suddenly , the driver and the passengers are
surged forwards.
Similarly ,when the car accelerates , the
occupants will move backwards.

Explanation:The inertia of the driver and passengers cause they maintain their original motion (original velocity) or maintain at rest. .

Example 5
Observation : The pail filled with sand feels more reluctant to move and more difficult to stop moving than the empty one.
Explanation: The pail filled sand has a greater inertia or mass
than the empty one.

Example 6

Observation : A tanker has to stop its engine 5 km from port. Explanation : The tanker has so much inertia , so that it can slow down in time to avoid any accident.

Example 7

Observation :An aeroplane need a long runway for landing and take-off Explanation :The aeroplane has a greater mass and also has so much inertia.

Reducing the negative side effects of inertia.

(i)The seat belts are designed to protect the passengers .
If the car is involved in a collision , it will suddenly be brought to a stop. But because of its inertia, their body will continue traveling at a certain velocity until it hits an obstruction , usually the car’s windscreen. Without a seat-belt , the passengers can be seriously injury. The belts exerts a force on the passenger’s bodies bringing it to stop without hitting the windscreen or the steering wheel. (ii)Head restraints are designed to reduce neck injury. There are particularly effective in rear-impact accidents. As the car is shunted forwards , the back of your seat pushes your body towards. If you do not have a head restraint, the inertia of your head means that it stays behind , while your body moves forward. This can cause ‘whiplash’ injuries. (iii)Timbers carried by a lorry normally are tied up together by a strong iron chain. When the lorry starts to move suddenly , the timbers are more difficult to fall off due to their inertia because their combined mass has increased.

The positive effects of inertia
(i)The motion of a spacecraft in deep space is in a straight line with a constant speed ; since there is no air in space (the external force acting on the object is...
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