Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing process that occurred in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840. Men, women and children suffered in harsh conditions. There was long working hours in factories that had machines that were unsafe. Sometimes a worker could lose their arm if they weren’t careful. The worker also became sick because of the unsanitary conditions and the dust down in coal mines. Women were hired more than men because they could be paid less and thought to work the machines better. Children were also hired most of the time because they were tiny and could fix the machines and they were fast with the machines.

James Watt invented the first liable steam engine in 1775. Robert Fulton invented regular steamboat service on the River Hudson in 1807.

Changes during the Industrial Revolution:
-More people move to the cities.
-Population grew.
-In 1807, steamboat was first invented in the USA.
-Infrastructure grew.
-Life expectancy increased.
-In 1804, the first locomotive was used to transfer goods.
-Less people die of diseases.
-More economic welfare.

Public health during the Industrial Revolution was really bad. Disease accounted for many deaths during the Industrial Revolution. There was a lack of hygiene, no knowledge of sanitary care and no knowledge as to what caused the disease.

Diseases that were common during the Industrial Revolution were Cholera, Typhoid and typhus. But the greatest killer during the Industrial Revolution was the Tuberculosis. The disease caused a wasting of the body with the lungs being attacked. Tuberculosis affected people who had been poorly fed and were under nourished.
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