Inductive Method

Topics: Earth, Mantle, Crust Pages: 3 (520 words) Published: October 17, 2012
What is the Inductive Method?
The inductive teaching method or process goes from the specific to the general and may be based on specific experiments or experimental learning exercises.

1. It gives a new knowledge.
2. It is a method of discovery.
3. It is a method of teaching.
4. Child acquires firsthand knowledge and information by actual observation. 5. It is a slow process.
6. It trains the mind and gives self confidence and initiative 7. It is full of activity.
8. It is an upward process of thought and leads to principle.

The main criticism of the inductive method is that is not a valid means of obtaining proof. Steps of Inductive Method

1. Preparation
2. Presentation
3. Comparison & Abstraction
4. Generalization
5. Application

Types of Inductive Teaching and Learning

* Inquiry-based learning Students are presented with a challenge which will require knowledge that has not been completely covered. * Discovery learning: Students are presented with a challenge and left to work out the solution on their own. Students learn to use trial and error to analyze and resolve their findings. The instructor may provide limited feedback * Project-based learning:Students are presented with an assignment that requires that they design or produce a deliverable. * Case-base learning: Students are presented with real-life scenarios, or cases, in which they hypothetically assume various roles. The cases tend to be very well structured filled with elaborate details to incorporate many of the variables real-life problems contain.

Republic of the Philippines
Naval State University
Naval, Biliran

Semi-detailed Lesson Plan
Science III

Lovely Karen R. Casas

I. Objective: To differentiate between the characteristics of the earth’s structural layers II. Subject Matter:
a. Topic: The Structure of the Earth...
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