Individuals and Their Discoveries Are Not Enough to Bring Medical Progress'. Explain How Far This Statement Applies to Jenner and His Work

Topics: Scientific method, Smallpox, Theory Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Individuals and their discoveries are not enough on their own to bring medical progress. Explain how far this statement applies to Jenner and his work. Jenner’s discovery of the link between cowpox and smallpox was significant to the development of a vaccine for smallpox. However, it can be argued that Jenner and his discovery were not enough on their own to bring medical progress. The factors Scientific thinking, Government Communication and Changing attitudes played a major and important role to bring medical progress. One reason as to why the statement applies to Jenner and his work is because the Government worked in Jenner's favour to bring medical progress. In 1802 and 1807, Parliament gave Edward Jenner £30,000 to develop his work on vaccination. This clearly indicates that without the help of Parliament, Jenner’s work would not have shown as much signs of advancement; hence he would not have had the money to progress. In addition to this, fifty years later vaccination was made compulsory in Britain which led a dramatic drop in smallpox cases. This evidently shows that without the help of the Government, Jenner’s work would not have been as widely spread and used by the people as much; therefore the government did play a significant role his Edward Jenner’s development of Vaccinations. A different explanation as to why the statement is relevant to Jenner and his work is because of the communication. This factor is seen to have an impact on the medical progress of Jenner, is because without the spread of Jenner’s discoveries, people would not be aware of vaccinations. In 1798, Jenner published his own accounts of his discover, spreading the details of his methods worldwide. Consequently, that people could see his work but scientists in particular were able to see his work and they could learn from his work. This is evidence that by spreading his work worldwide, it brought medical progress; it was not just Edward Jenner alone brought medical progress to the...
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