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Topics: Sustainability, Innovation, Technology Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Innovation has become one of the most important issues in modern culture, these days not only in the context of business and technology but also in environmental and climate changes. The changes in the environment impacts economies, populations, governments and cultures at a local level (Woerd 2002). Woerd (2002) also mentions that changes at a local level contribute to changes at a national and global level. All organisations worldwide are suffering with the environmental impacts that are places on them, and need to implement changes that are going to be achievable. The success of a business depends on how well the process is managed (Linsu Kim & Richard R. Nelson 2000). In businesses today technology and innovation is one of the most rapidly growing environmental factors and keeping up with the change is just as much of a challenge. Ensuring the organisation is ready for the change and are sustainable is extremely important in creating a successful organisation. Guler Aras & David Crowther, believe it could be quite concerning if resources that are going to be utilised in the present are then no longer available in the future, as this would provide a lot of uncertainty. Given this ambiguity, pursuing a sustainable development strategy is challenging and could be potentially risky (Hall and Vredenburg, 2003).

Sustainable business involves the construction of new organisational processes and systems which will require an understanding of the pathways to sustainability (Shrivastava, 2000). There are currently many models in place, such as Dunphy which look at organisational commitment and sustainability practices which will allow firms to fully understand the progression to sustainability. Information and communication technology have undoubtedly created a shift in the power of relationship between both the employer and employee, and also between the purchaser and supplier (Read 2000). Read (2000) draws on the most obvious human sustainability which...
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