Individual Assignment On Marketing Ethics

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Individual Assignment on Marketing Ethics


Many people believe that famous brand name and high price is a guarantee of high quality. This belief, however, is challenged as Armani has been caught in several quality scandals in China. In fact, Armani is not the only brand that has been dogged by marketing scandals. All these scandals in the market are indicative of the lack of marketing ethics of today’s companies. This essay will first briefly describe the quality scandals of Armani. Then American Marketing Association (AMA) Code of Ethics will be applied to discuss the ethicality of Armani’s marketing activity. The essay will conclude with suggestions for Armani to restore its brand name.


Armani is an international Italian fashion brand. It is always related to luxury and high quality. The price for a single garment can easily reach one thousand US dollars. The high-price Armani products simply leave no room for people to doubt about their qualities. However, people lose confidence in Armani overnight as investigations in 2008 revealed that Armani was selling unqualified products in the Chinese market. Disappointedly, the second investigation conducted two weeks later still found Armani selling unqualified products. The high price and low quality of Armani products greatly frustrate its consumers.

Armani is not an ethical marketer. In order to be ethical marketers, companies must embrace, communicate and practice the ethical values that will improve consumer confidence in the integrity of the marketing system. These basic values mentioned in AMA code of Ethics include honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect, openness and citizenship. The following paragraphs will discuss in detail the ethicality of Armani’s selling unqualified products.

Honesty, the first value, requires companies to be truthful and forthright in dealing with consumers and stakeholders. Companies must tell truth in all situations and at all times....
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