Indians and First Settlers

Topics: United States, Americas, Christopher Columbus Pages: 3 (664 words) Published: October 2, 2012
* 9/5/12
* Q-What is the best way you used a computer to learn something? Why did that work so well? * Internet helped the best
* September 6, 2012
* Q-Why is it important that you get to class on time and started on your POD * A-So your not holding up the class and get on with the that days lesion! *
* September 10, 12
* Q-Reflect on the video we watched last week!
* A- people like that chage the world for other people, because he saved lives and took his for others! *
* September 11, 12
* Q-Why do you think what happen on todays date that makes it so important! * A-Because it was an awful event where many people died *
* September 12, 12
* Q-What Country did Christopher Columbus sail for?
* A-He tried to find a new way to get to Asia!
* September 13, 12
* September 18, 12
* Q- how did native Americans get to America
* A- They migrated from Russia to Canada to America
* September 21, 12
* Q-After particiopating n the colony planning axtivity how was it changed your perspective on what the explorers had tp do? Would you have been able to do it * A- They had to change their life styles to adapt to the new land and, isn’t that

* Classroom Experience | * In History |
* 4 groups of students * students walked around the room clamming furniture * students labled what hey had claimed with post it notes * one group had instructions that allowed them to start claiming furniture faster than the others * the other groups rushed to catch up with the first group | * European countries like Spain, England, France & the Netherlands * European explores had to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to claim land in the Americans * Spain being the first to claim land in the Americas * England France and the Netherlands later competed with Spain for land in the Americas * Spain sent manny explores and claimed...
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