Indian Removal Act 1830

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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When the Native Americans lived east of the Mississippi river, they didn’t want to follow the law and be part of U.S. government and wanted to govern their own people. Andrew Jackson being a president of United States didn’t want the group to ignore the government therefore, proposed to move them west of the Mississippi river. In order to justify and keep threats away from the U.S. settlers, the U.S. government promised them bigger land, money, pay for their needs and support for one year as said in the excerpt from Indian Removal Act 1830 (source 1). This act should be justified because it resolved the conflicts between the U.S. and the Indies were given comparable land and support. In Source 2 Andrew Jackson makes a speech about if the Indians movie it will benefit the U.S. and make Alabama and Mississippi stronger. The U.S. wanted to separate the Indians for many reasons. Andrew Jackson wanted the Indians to stay away from whites, “by opening the whole territory between the Tennessee on the north Louisiana on the south to the settlement of the whites will incalculably strengthen the southwest frontier and render the adjustment States strong enough to repel future invasion without remote aid”( article 2). Also the government thought if they separated the Indian it will enable them to stay away from whites and convince them from their own savage habits and make them more interesting and important. When the government told the Indians to move, they said they would give them bigger land, money and support to move. “The Cherokee Nations cedes to the United States all the land claimed by said Nation east of the Mississippi River… 7,000,000 acres of land is guaranteed to the Cherokees west of the Mississippi” (source 5). The United States as well, “agreed that the land herein guaranteed to the Cherokees shall never, without their consent, be included within…any State or Territory” (source 5). As the Indians were getting ready to leave, the Americans took...
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