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  • School: Vanier college
  • Professor: Noreen Bider

Is Nick’s father a good role model for him?
Stories in general only give you a description of the characters, the appreciation and interpretation of them depends on the reader. The father of Nick in “Indian Camp” by Ernest Hemingway, is a really a good physician as he helps an Indian women give birth to a baby without any anesthetic. He is in an Indian camp with only his son and his brother. In a way he shows Nick to be brave ahead of any sorts of situation but on the other side he is not very friendly with his patient and is not showing all the traits of a role model. Nick’s father is not a good role model because he shows to Nick that women suffering are not important and that having a disrespectful behavior is not a problem. First of all, Nick’s father is showing that women’s pain is not something we should worry about. The woman in labor is in a lot of pain because the doctor doesn’t have any anaesthetic and the procedure is done by Caesarean section (pg2). Therefore she is screaming, and when she is screaming the father said to Nick that her screams are not important (pg2). In this case he is saying to Nick directly that he does not care about the women suffering and that he should not do so also. Having this sort of attitude will certainly affect Nick’s future. It will make him a pretty cold individual eventually which is not a good thing because a normal human being has to show compassion to other human being. This is not a good way to show your son how we should treat others like. Secondly, the father of Nick shows that having a disrespectful behavior is not something that is wrong. When the women in labor is in pain, she bites George and he reacts by saying “Damn squaw bitch” (pg2). Obviously the question here is not about George being good role model for Nick but for the father of Nick so this is not about the fact that George said this to the woman, it’s about the father’s reaction to it. He says nothing about it despite knowing that Nick is...
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