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India-it's achievements in 60 years of independence
The foundation of independence laid before 150 years in 1857 , which is described As First war of Independence got success after 100 long years of struggle & On 15th August 1947 when a new Democratic country which has taken over the attention of the world with it's principles of Non-violence & peace & above all had many challenges before it to stand in the world scenario. Today we have achieved a milestone by completing 60 years of independence. It's now the time for everyone or every Indian to undergo self-introspection of the achievements we already made & also those that are to be still achieved. While talking of achievements we should have a look at the challenges that India had at it's birth. We had problems of Social, economical, political etc . Partition of the country had serious consequences in the entire country. Country was experiencing violence, communal riots & a chaotic situation all over. First of all it needed a major attention to restore peace in the country to do anything else. On the economic front Britishers had exploited maximum resources of our country which is well explained by Dada Bhai Naoroji in his book titled " drain of wealth". Politically also we had to face many hurdles as we had no constitution , law of our own . The other most important thing was to establish a Democratic set up of Government in the country which at that time was felt almost impossible with diversified nature of India. So the country's position was no less than a baby learning walking ,applying all trial & error methods. We will now examine how Country able to solve the above problems: First, the credit of restoring peace in the country goes to our first Prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru , who efficiently tackled this problem by using media to spread messages of peace & also deployed Army where the situations were serious. Second, getting India consolidated was not a simple task as many Princely states wanted to be independent but Sardar Vallabhai Patel with his great abilities able to convince all the States to join Indian federation which even involved at times to take up military help. But Patel emerged triumphant in this task. Third, framing of constitution, that took long time to get framed taking into consideration all aspects that suits India needs , incorporating the aspects needed for a holistic development of country in all fields of Social, economical & political. Thus country emerged as a republican country with it's own constitution 7 ruling. Fourthly, at the time of independence there was a cold war between the super powers of World & it became a puzzle before the country as to which side it has to take, but again Nehru , in view not to take any side came up with a plan of Non-alignment which set another example of our peace loving & having friendly relations with all the countries. Last but not the least was the domestic social problems of unemployment, illiteracy, Self-sufficiency, poverty, poor health, communal disharmony etc which were all to be dealt with the same urgency. Achievements: With all the above mentioned problems India struggled to make it's own place in the world. Now we will have a brief glance at the glimpses of India's achievements in various sectors: Economical:

" Self-reliance : India had to rely on other countries during the initial years of independence But with the major importance given to Agriculture we could able to achieve self-sufficiency in the agriculture sector. With the advent of Green Revolution we not only became self-reliant but also able to export many produce to different countries. Introduction of modern machinery, hybrid seeds etc has also contributed to the progress in this sector. " Industry: 

India has achieved an enormous progress in this sector From Industrial policy of 1948 to today it's been a long journey from extreme reliance on khadi & village industries to...
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