Increasing the Range and Power of Inductive Coupling

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Maximizing the Range and Power of Inductive Coupling |
Isaiah Anderson|


In this project I studied how an electrical current moving through a coil of wire can generate an electric magnetic field and power an electrical load connected to a similar coil of wire. This experiment has been performed before but the goal of this project was to increase the efficiency of the circuit. In this experiment multiple different coils were tested in order to find the most efficient way to generate a strong electromagnetic field around a coil of wire. Variables like wire gauge, coil density, and number of coils were tested to gather the results.

Electricity can be transferred from one place to another by creating a coil of wire connected to a power source and a similar coil of wire connected to an electrical load. The coil of wire connected to the power source will generate an electromagnetic felid around itself proportional to the amount of current flowing through the wire. This magnetic field, when within a close enough proximity to the coil attached to the electrical load, will generate an electrical current in the wire coil that is connected to the electrical load. This electrical current will then power the device that it is connected to. However, this setup is very range restricted. The purpose of this experiment was to create a more energy efficient and long range way to transmit energy over a distance while, at the same time, not taking up too much space. Wireless power transfer is already being used in many different devices like charger pads for small devices and electric toothbrushes. If this same process of inductive coupling could be reproduced on a larger scale then an entire home could be powered by one central generator. Electronics that previously had to be tethered to a certain area with a power cord could then move freely around an area. Contactless electricity would enable laptops to be moved...
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