Increased Competition and Pricepressures in Supply Chain

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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CD5590 Professional Ethics in Science and Engineering

Presentation: Ethics in Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Abedullah Zaman

Professional Ethics in Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management
Definition: The network of retailers, distributors, transporters, storage facilities and suppliers that participate in the sale, delivery and production of a particular product. In the simplest terms, Supply Chain Management (SCM) lets an organization get the right goods and services to the place they're needed at the right time, in the proper quantity and at an acceptable cost. Efficiently managing this process involves overseeing relationships with suppliers and customers, controlling inventory, forecasting demand and getting constant feedback on what's happening at every link in the chain.

Professional Ethics in Supply Chain Management

Roots of Ethics Professional ethics is about managing relations which is a crucial part in SCM. Successful companies use supply chains not only to reduce cost and complement the product but also to nurture long-term valuedadded relationships.

Professional Ethics in Supply Chain Management

Why society is concerned about ethics within SCM?
Environmental Effects
Treatment plants for water, treatment of solid waste, gases

Health and Safety
In Food Industry- uses of pesticides, hormone-treatment of animals

Consumer Rights
Legislations about right to safety, right to choose, right to be heard.

Professional Ethics in Supply Chain Management

Ethical Model/Process
Economic responsibilities: Supply Products and Services. Legal Responsibilities: Ethical Responsibilities: Obey Laws. Conduct business in a way that is morally consistent with the beliefs of society

Professional Ethics in Supply Chain Management
Reasons for Increasing Concern about Ethics in Supply Chains The pressure is coming from various sources. A wide range of stakeholders are interested in the social, ethical and environmental...
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