Income for College Athletes

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  • Published: February 13, 2013
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Eric Tuiloma
Prof. Elder
English 102
24 April 2012

Income for College Football Athletes

College football athletes have been selling their jerseys, selling signature footballs, and committing crimes in order to be able to feed and support themselves financially to survive in the real world. Student athletes don’t have enough time on their hands to work during the season or during off season workouts. It’s considered a year round sport due to the fact that in offseason, college football players in training to stay in shape for the return of their upcoming season in the fall. Football takes up more than half of their daily time each year. Maintaining a steady grade point average is often enforced because of the demands held by the football program. Should football receive income while on a scholarship? Football athletes should get paid, not necessarily as professionals, paid every game, but at least to receive some form of money to help increase their monthly pay. They should be paid because college football players are making money based off of their performance, football athletes are compensated for free education while 70% percent of the athletes don’t even graduate, football consumes too much of the athlete’s time, and are exposing their selves daily to serious injuries that may lead up to a paralyzed body or as far as death. College football and basketball for years have been the highest producing revenue sports in NCAA. More than $470 million in new money poured into major college athletics programs last year, boosting spending on sports, even though we’re in rough economic times. Most of the money made in athletics revenue was because elevation in money generated through multi-media rights deals, donations and ticket receipts, but schools also continued increasing their subsidies from student fees and institutional funds (Berkowitz). Helping with the success of revenues in schools are wins by football teams and basketball teams. 6.2 billion was...
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