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The ethos behind the development of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is the recognition that organisations are increasingly dependent upon IT to satisfy their corporate aims and meet their business needs. This growing dependency leads to growing needs for quality IT services - quality that is matched to business needs and user requirements as they emerge. This is true no matter what type or size of organisation, be it national government, a multinational conglomerate, a decentralised office with either a local or centralised IT provision, an outsourced service provider, or a single office environment with one person providing IT support. In each case there is the requirement to provide an economical service that is reliable, consistent and of the highest quality. IT Service Management is concerned with delivering and supporting IT services that are appropriate to the business requirements of the organisation. ITIL provides a comprehensive, consistent and coherent set of best practices for IT Service Management processes, promoting a quality approach to achieving business effectiveness and efficiency in the use of information systems. ITIL processes are intended to be implemented so that they underpin but do not dictate the business processes of an organisation. IT service providers will be striving to improve the quality of the service, but at the same time they will be trying to reduce the costs or, at a minimum, maintain costs at the current level. For each of the processes described in this book, one or more roles are identified for carrying out the functions and activities required. It should be noted that organisations may allocate more than one role to an individual within the organisation (although this book indicates where specific roles should not be merged), or may allocate more than one individual to a role. The purpose of the role is to locate responsibility rather than to create an organisational structure. The best-practice processes described in this book both support and are supported by the British Standards Institution's Code of Practice for IT Service Management (PD0005), and in turn underpin the ISO quality standard ISO9000. [pic]


1  INTRODUCTION TO ITIL Service Delivery

1.1 The IT Infrastructure Library
1.2 Restructuring the IT Infrastructure Library
1.3 Target audience
1.4 Navigating the IT Infrastructure Library
1.5 Why choose a jigsaw concept?
1.6 The Service Delivery book
1.7 Service Management
1.8 Customers and Users
1.9 A Standard and Code of Practice for IT Service Management 1.10 Service Management: a process approach
1.11 Recommended reading
This book is one of a series issued as part of the updated IT Infrastructure Library that documents industry best practice for the support and delivery of IT services. Although this book can be read in isolation, it is recommended that it be used in conjunction with the other IT Infrastructure Library books. Service Management is a generic concept and the guidance in the new IT Infrastructure Library books is applicable generically. The guidance is also scaleable - applicable to both small and large organisations. It applies to distributed and centralised systems, whether in-house or supplied by third parties. It is neither bureaucratic nor unwieldy if implemented sensibly and in full recognition of the business needs of the organisation.

1.1  The IT Infrastructure Library

1.1.1  Public domain framework
1.1.2  Best practice framework
1.1.3  De facto standard
1.1.4  Quality approach
1.1.5  itSMF
Developed in the late 1980s, the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has become the world-wide de facto standard in Service Management. Starting as a guide for UK government, the framework has proved to be useful to organisations in all sectors through its adoption by many companies as the basis for Service Management, as well as...
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