In a Perfect World.

Topics: Westboro Baptist Church, English-language films, Fred Phelps Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: April 23, 2013
In a perfect world.
You're unhappy. Chances are if you're reading this you're unhappy about something.  That’s just how the world is today. People seem to always be upset about something even if it’s small your life has some conflict in it, or so it seems. Everyone you meet has some “Skelton in their closet.” People today seem to forget to stop and smell the roses. Sometimes its uncontrollable things like depression and psychological problems they can't control and is that really fair? In a perfect world everyone would be mentally stable and equal. Get the help they need. Be grateful for this truly magical thing we call life. The beautiful mystery of why and how we were created.  What caused the blood to pulse through our veins the breath to move in and out of our lungs and how we can control ourselves and think in a way more superior to all other species known? The thing is people have took this advantage and used in a way not intended to be used. There is so much evil in the world today. The world has turned into something that induces fear in the pit of my heart and soul. Murder is now common, and rape is an everyday occurrence, people die every second and that could be my family or friends, depression is at an all time high, divorce is more common than not, and kids are having their own kids! The image of the perfect world is so blurry to me and I think the reason that is there’s nothing wrong with this world! The problem lies within the people who inhabit it! Our creator made this beautiful and man who sins modified it. Like a beautiful painting then man came and wrecked it scribbling and deteriorating the innate beauty. In a perfect world people would be nice to others; everyone would be kind to the world. In our world today so many people are born with disabilities that disable them a fair chance, having these disabilities present sometime helps people better off to appreciate life, sometimes they are a message and sometimes they are present for an...
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