In What Ways Does Imtiaz Dharker Use Language and Structure to Convey Her Ideas in 'Blessing'?

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  • Published : November 22, 2010
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In what ways does Imtiaz Dharker use language and structure to convey her ideas in 'Blessing'?

Blessing is a poem which creates a celebratory scene as well as being ominous and disturbing. Under the visible good fortune and exhilaration of the scene are darker ideas about the poverty and the religious expression of the people in the poverty ridden suburbs of large third world cities, originating from Imtiaz Dharker's firsthand experience of living in India during the dry season and witnessing the suffering. Imtiaz Dharker uses effective purposeful structure to the poem to give it strength to be able to convey the poem's underlying ideas. She uses four stanzas with deliberate use of varied length sentences. When the sentences are short, early on in the poem, it's used to show the lack of water by contrasting it with the long flowing sentences when its talking about the presences of water. This is achieved by the long flowing sentences evoking the idea of water flowing in the stanza contrasting with the extensive use of full stops in the beginning of the poem. A clear example of this is found The poet also uses alliteration to emphasise particular words and phrases. She uses it to bring attention to the lack of water in the line "the small splash". The sibilance draws the reader's attention to the small splash which contributes vitally to the overall imagery of a parched land. Another use of alliteration, which also is sibilance, is "sometimes, the sudden rush of fortune". This emphasises the word "sudden", which creates a clearer view of how abrupt the "rush of fortune" is. The poet uses monosyllables to contribute toward the image of water. The line "the drop of it" is used as the monosyllables literally create the sound of the water dripping. This is a very effective technique as it adds aural depth to the poem, thus making the poets views easier to transfer to the reader. Another use of structure to create an effect is the poetic use of rhyme to generate...
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