In What Way Did Three Philosophical Movements of China Shape the Civilization?

Topics: Han Dynasty, Taoism, Warring States Period Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: April 8, 2013
There are several ways that the philosophical movements of China shaped the civilization. Confucianism is just one of them which started in the Han Dynasty, another is legalism which started in the Qin Dynasty, and the last is taoism which was just a local superstition.

Confucianism is just one philosophical movement that shaped China and is still shaping China today. Created by Confucius, who according to tradition was a thinker, political figure, and educator.Confucius talked about his vision of a more perfect society in which rulers, subject,nobles,commoners,parents,children,men, and women should graciously accept the roles assigned to them. Confucius also displayed many virtues such as integrity and a sense of duty. Confucianism wasn’t intended as a philosophical learning, but was taken that way. Confucianism changed the way that the empire was run. Before, emperors just appointed people to positions even if they were not fit for the position. After Confucianism, emperors chose the people they thought were the best suited for the job based on written test given out.

Legalism is yet another philosophical movement that shaped China. Legalism focuses on statecraft, reasoned by extreme disorders called for drastic measures. Started by the Han Dynasty, and adopted into the Qin Dynasty, legalism stresses the need for order above all other human concerns. Legalism was a political philosophy that did not ask higher questions like the purpose of life. Legalists believed that political institutions should be modeled after the realities of human behavior such as selfishness or kindness. Laws admitted punishments and rewards for specific behaviors, rewards for good behavior and punishments for bad behavior. This legal policy lead to the over throw of the Qin Dynasty.

Taoism emerged during the warring states period and has shaped Chinese life for more than two-thousand years. Taoism was adopted as the state religion of the...
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