In Vitro Fertilization

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In Vitro Fertilization

The first to discover in vitro fertilization on July 25, 978 were 2 British men, a gynecologist by the name of Patrick Steptoe IVF and a British medical researcher Robert Edwards. Robert Edwards was awarded with the noble prize in Physiology or medicine in 2010 for the development of the in vitro fertilization. Robert started his research on the biology of fertilization in the 1950s. According to the Noble Prize, “Approximately four million individuals have so far been born following IVF. Many of them are now adult and some have already become parents.”(3) Many couples worldwide were infertile, until Robert Edward came up with In Vitro Fertilization.

“Edwards and Steptoe established the Bourn Hall Clinic in Cambridge, the world ́s first centre for IVF therapy.” Around one thousand children were born at the Bourn Hall Clinic The Bourn Hall Clinic in Cambridge is where the In Vitro Fertilization therapy takes place. The first historic event took place on Tuesday evening, July 25th 1978 at 11:47 p.m at Oldham General hospital when Leslie brown gave birth to Louise Brown with the help of Ivf. She was a healthy (C Section) Caesarian section baby weighing five pounds, twelve ounces after a full-term pregnancy. (3) Louise Brown was born with blonde hair and blue eyes. Leslie Brown and John Brown were married for nine years and unable to have children. The reason why she was unable to have children on her own was because her tubes were badly destroyed by scars and inflammation, not even surgery was able to help her. According to How to get pregnant,p197” All that was required was to take an egg from her ovary; mix it with her husband’s sperm in a test tube, and then transfer the three-day-old embryo into her womb for the next nine months into a full-term baby. This creating In Vitro fertilization took many years. The two doctors Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards tried many different techniques on animals before they were able to actually use it on a human being. This is what the doctor has to do ,“ determining the composition of the fluid in which the sperm and egg were to bathed, figuring out the best time to remove and implant the egg, and establishing how to monitor the hormone levels of the mother prior of the egg all required years of patient effort.”” How to get pregnant,” p197 In the 1970’s In Vitro Fertilization was thought of as unethical because of the United States Government. The United States Government rejected to announce the Americas’ first IVF clinic, which was in Norfalk and Virginia. Political organizations were against In vitro because they felt it damages nature. In vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a procedure that occurs outside of the body. The first step of this process is on the males’ behalf, where as he has to masturbate in order to obtain the sperm. The woman takes hormones to stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs, which are retrieved through a needle, the man’s sperm in vitro fertilizes the eggs, meaning in glass. The fertilization occurs in a glass dish called the Petri dish, not a test tube in spite of the name commonly used “test tube babies”. The embryos are grown in laboratory incubators for about two days before being transferred through the woman’s cervix into her uterus. The embryos have to be implanted in order for the woman to become pregnant. When creating a test tube pregnancy many of the females’ fertilized eggs are wasted. Multiple pregnancies are possible during this procedure these multiple pregnancies solve fertility problems. Cyogenic technology is what doctors use to freeze and store embryos resulting from IVF, women will not have the risk of having multiple pregnancies. The woman’s embryos can be thawed safely when they want to get pregnant at a later date. With IVF doctors were able to freeze and thaw human embryos successfully, these embryos resulted into happy babies, until they recently it could not be successful. Young female cancer...
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