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In my opinion, personal essays are easier to write, one of the big reasons why is purely because I can have an opinion. Sure, you can have an opinion when writing a research paper but it’s very limited and your opinion then is pretty much mute. For personal essays you are able to write what you know, and feel, so that makes your writing much easier because you can be passionate and knowledgeable about what you are writing down. Another thing, personal essays are capable of going so many ways with writing style, that you are always able to put something new into your essay. I feel that a personal essay will always come out better than a research essay, because the writer puts a lot more feeling into it.

On the other side, I can see where research essays have their place. You always need to be learning something new, and researching for a paper will most definitely help. To write a successful research paper you need to know what you are writing and make sure you understand both sides. You will learn all kinds of new material when doing your paper, and if you are doing one where you’re examining both sides, you may learn something about the other side that could possibly change your opinion and make you go further in-depth to really understand and appreciate your topic.

All in all, both papers are important and can be easy depending on the writer. You definitely need to have research in your education to keep you knowledgeable and disciplined in your writing. Every now and then, though, a personal essay is a nice relief, and can let you tap into your passionate writing skills to really bring out your best work.
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