In Literature There Can Be Great Admiration for a Skilled Individual

Topics: Poetry, Meter, Sprung rhythm Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: May 1, 2013
“In literature there can be great admiration for a skilled individual”

Lots of authors and poets in Literature like to write about skilled individuals and there works. This is exemplified by Seamus Heaney and Gerald Manley Hopkins in their respective poems “The Forge” and “Felix Randall”.

Gerald Manley Hopkins’s poem “Felix Randall” does show great admiration for skilled individuals and it does in many different ways. Firstly the poem itself is about a priest and Hopkins almost glorifies this work by placing the priest on the same level as John the Baptist. This gives the reader a sense of the importance of the work of a priest, because Hopkins is glorifying the position so highly that it shows the contemporary reader just how highly thought of priest’s were at the time of writing in some people’s minds.

Also in the poem Hopkins has used a lot of alliteration to help show us his admiration for the work of a priest.

For example: “anointed, all” and “heavenlier, heart”.

Hopkins has used alliteration throughout the whole poem to give the reader an idea for his admiration of the work of a priest because with the poem being written in a first person narrative, it makes him seem more eloquent due to the advanced language device being used and this gives off the impression of great admiration for the position of a priest.

Another way Hopkins expresses his admiration for the work of a priest in the poem is via the use of enjambment and elongated sounds through the first two stanzas. Hopkins has used these two devices to add more emphasis on his admiration for a skilled individual such as a priest because these devices make the priest seem a lot more eloquent and of a higher social standing. It also gives the reader the impression that there is a sacred aspect in doing this sort of work, and we know at this time everyone believed in God and all that.

In “The Forge” Seamus Heaney has written about the profession of a blacksmith, which in the time of...
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