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Improving standard of English Learning Program (ELP) in graduate program
The United States ‘s multiculturalism continues to grow fast, a second language is poficiency will provide individuals with increased opportunities for personal and professional . At National University offer courses in English Language Programs. We are one of the leading centers in California for English language programs . The National University Language Institute serves the needs of a wide range of local and international students and promotes collaboration for education and community outreach in languages and cultures. Students for whom English is not their first language face special challenges at any American university, and these difficulties can be magnified by National's accelerated schedule. Though all international students are required to meet a certain standard of English proficiency, Every month will have international student apply to ELP program of National University. The international student will take the Placement Exam at a designated National University location. The placement exam is timed and covers four components: Listening, Grammar, Writing, Reading. It have 30 minutes for each section. Total Points possible are 70. Results are provided within 48 hours of exam completion. After that they will arrange the class for each student depend on the placement exam scores. Each level can be completed in just one month. Length of program varies from one to eight months, depending on your placement exam scores. When you completion of the highest level fulfills the National University English Proficiency requirement then you can extend to master degree at university so the The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFLE) examination scores are not required. The Propose of project to improving standard of ELP program. At National University after complete the highest level of ELP will get Certificated from University but it does not show the actually performance for the...
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