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Topics: Marketing, Hotel, Economics Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The economic environments are dynamic. Both internal and external business environment are always being affected by unforeseen circumstances, government policy, natural disaster etc. while political factor can be refer to as economic policies of government regarding the hospitality industry,these may include licenses, inspections by Health and Food Ministry departments, etc. The Social factor can be refer to as certain cultures abhor certain hospitality product i.e. foods. For instance, Hindus will not eat beef and Muslims would not even touch pork. Therefore knowledge of these cultural facts about hospitality business environment will help a lot.Technological factors include technological aspects such as automation,technology incentives and the rate of technological change.They can determine barriers to entry, minimum efficient production level and influence outsourcing decisions.

Hence, the need for effective and efficient marketing strategies.Effectiveness in this context means the use of minimum resources or input to obtain maximum or greater output (returns) while efficiency refers to the positive results that comes out from input/output relationship(Salami, 2000). Marketing has therefore been described by many authors as a vehicle that promotes business life span through creation, retention and sustainability of customers.Review of related literature will be carried out in textbooks,documentaries,journals and other sources which will be acknowledged and referenced inside this research work.The university library is also a good source to get materials for the literature review.

Ohen lighten and educate manager, firms, customers etc. on the importance of marketing in the hotel industry.

The purpose of this research work which is an evaluate project work is to among other purposes to know the importance of marketing activities in the life,growth,development and sustainability of hospitality business. It is also the effort...
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