Importance of a College Education

Topics: Higher education, University, Academic degree Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: March 24, 2008
A College education is a once in a lifetime opportunity where an individual learns and experiences new things every day. I am enthusiastic to become academically mature in my work environment. I am presently a Customer Service representative at ABI Bank Ltd located in St. John’s, Antigua. I have been with the organization for over five years. I am eager to complete my college degree because I know it will open doors and provide opportunities for me which are presently out of my reach. I wish to work in the Human Resource Department of my organization and at present I am not qualified for the many positions that become available over time. A college education serves as the gateway to better options and greater promotion opportunity. A college education is the only way to obtain a good job and the type of job that will allow for a comfortable lifetime income and a secure future. I think it will help me develop my skills in analysis, acceptance, expression, and communiqué. These skills will in turn aid me in resolving variances and solve crisis that come up in the course of my personal and professional life. I think that education is a prerequisite for getting a good job because of the fact that the world is changing so rapidly and most jobs require qualifications that are essential for the position. It helps in the process of getting a good start on life. I have seen more often within my organization that recent graduates get hired quicker than a non graduate. Also, most organizations require at least an associate’s degree for entry level positions, because they think that they would have already possessed the specific skills to perform detailed tasks. I also believe that doing this course online will aid in my time management skills, and I would not have to worry about having to quit my job, I will still be able to work fulltime and complete my degree. Neither would I have to miss spending time with my family.
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