Importance of Vaccinations in Today's Medical world

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Justen Grenell
Professor Melessa Henderson
Rhetoric and Research
22 October 2012
Vaccinations are becoming more prominent in the world of medicine today. The topic has become debatable as well as controversial. While vaccine campaigns are on the rise, we are entering a new millennium with growing concern from large numbers of parents and professionals in the medical field. When compared with the relative statistics of disease in our country, we then think about the safety of vaccinations with a more open viewpoint. Vaccinations can be our lifelong friend, or a lifelong enemy. Perhaps there can be no topic with a greater argument in the medical field, than that of childhood vaccinations.

Vaccines have an important part in the prevention of certain diseases. Vaccine proponents are in full belief that without the help of vaccines we would be susceptible to many rampant diseases and epidemics. A graduate from Harvard University and a practicing physician obtaining a medical degree from New York University, Doctor Richard Moskowitz says, “There is a widespread agreement that the time period since the common vaccines were introduced has seen a remarkable decline in the incidence and severity of corresponding natural infections.” Doctors all around are beginning to see this effect take place as a result of various vaccines. Diseases and epidemics have become so common among children today that doctors in the medical field are called to great action. It is starting to become a natural question of every parent today. It is that of childhood vaccinations, which is expected that every parent who has children will have them vaccinated.

Many parents like to argue that they have the right to choice and freedom. The argument towards personal freedom and choice is adjacent to public safety. Each individual is given a right to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children, but that individual does not have the freedom to be hazardous towards public health by making a choice not to vaccinate. It is then widely assumed that the spreading of illnesses is done by those who are not vaccinated. Vaccinations themselves are what is proposing public health in our communities. Many citizens today are “seemingly ignoring clear evidence of the directly positive impact vaccinations have had on disease reduction and eradication.” (Romm, 6) Vaccines are given for a community and world benefit, not to cause turmoil and anger. Vaccines have been used in such diverse environments as well; what might be true for one community or country is not always true for the other. But indeed, all sides of the argument must be sought out and considered in order to make any choices as to what an individual should believe and how to act on it.

All of us, as individuals, have the right to be informed. Doctors, books, and the internet are there to help each and every parent make the right choice for their health and that of their children. We like to explore the topic of vaccines in many views, not just one-dimensional. We have options to promote the health of children through nutrition and healthy eating habits primarily. Therefore, children will be more resistant to infection and nutritionally well-nourished. This will help children avoid any possible reactions to vaccines, resulting in higher vaccine efficacy. Complete health is the key to a win-win situation. As individuals and mothers, the possible best health and medical care is wanted for children.

It is of great value to know about nutrition in our children’s lives. Things are always changing when approaching nutrition and how to address it as the future approaches. Dealing with diseases and the reliance placed on health care systems has undergone substantial changes in the last few years. It has come to the point where doctors are not able to cure every disease and medical costs are rising. Multiple ways of preventing diseases have since been...
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