Importance of Socialization

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  • Published : July 6, 2012
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An Essay - The Importance of Socialisation

Like other creatures, human are helpless at birth. The new-born is extremely reliant on others for simple physical existence. The new-born, left without help, would die of hunger, cold, thirst, or heat. Simply put, the human new-born do not have those characters, or untrained practices, that exist in other species. Dissimilar from newly hatched fish or reptiles, some which are naturally capable of providing for their own needs in their new milieus, the human baby is very reliant upon others for gratification of essential human needs. Human young, born with an incomplete nervous system and having a long maturation period, will not survive unless adults feed them, protect them from the environment, and provide constant care. Socialisation is a very important process that will mostly define a child’s acceptance and good relationship with things within the environment. Good socialisation skills are developed when humans are exposed to as many things as possible. The more events that a child encounters and has positive reactions to, the better response he/she will have when these events are repeated throughout the course of life. It is important that the socialisation process be made as entertaining and rewarding as possibly can. This means that during this process, the infant will need to accept being handled and being touched by other humans so that he/she will not fear strangers (healthcare providers, or people whom they are introduced to.) This will prove beneficial when having to take the infant to the health clinic per se. Make sure that all the experiences a child is introduced to are pleasurable experiences. That way the child will build a good association between the event and the reward.

However, human contact is not only for the infant’s physical well-being, but for healthy social and psychological development as well. As infants grow, their inborn tendency and social experiences combine to influence the...
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