Importance of Physics in It Student

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Physics 2 Application to IT and daily living!
Thermal Physics
Thermal physics the study of temperature, heat, and how they affect matter. I can apply this in determining how hot or cold the object. Though I have my senses in concluding the temperature of an object, they are unreliable and often misleading.

Ex. A metal and a stone that is both expose to sun. I can conclude; base on what I’d learned that the metal is hotter than the stone.
Putting a metal spoon in a cooking soup. To make the soup easily cook because metal can easily absorb heat.
Heat and Internal Energy
As a woman, I maintain the fitness of my body. Though I eat less and exercise if I remember. Sometimes, I fell frustrated because I don’t even know if my strategy is really worked. In Physics 2, I’d learned how to consume through workout the calorie I take in food.

Heat Transfer
In my physics 2, I learned how heat transfer from molecules to molecules, due to density difference of the fluids and through space. I think because of that, I could be able determine where will I leave someday and where do I place the windows and the door in which I could minimize the heat that will enter and can maintain the coolness of my house.

The Electric Circuits
As an IT professional someday, I must know the current that I consume in my workstation. Now, I can be able to know the difference between series and parallel. So my point is now I can determine what connection I choose to make my workstation safely.

Another application in studying physics 2 is that I can now determine the voltage of my device and I am now aware of the electricity it consumes.
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