Importance of Oil

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  • Published : August 10, 2012
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The importance of oil to the modern world is unique in character and incredibly far-reaching in scope. It is a singularly autonomous variable in the world economy, just as, if not more potent and influential than Federal Reserve decisions, the Euro-Dollar exchange rate, conditions in the U.S or stock market indexes. Oil availability and price affect the output capacity, rate of growth and level of inflation throughout the world. In the modern world, oil affects transportation, heating, production and the military. One would be hard pressed to find a substance or phenomena in world history that has held a comparable position. Petroleum is a nonrenewable fossil fuel. It is the product of a multi-million year geological process in which organic material is transformed in underground reservoirs. The fact that we can not produce petroleum is an underlying factor that defines the nature of the oil industry.

Importance of Essential Oils
Why Essential Oils are still Important Today

The modern way of life can be extremely stressful at times and can easily become overwhelming. Many people long for what they believe to be quieter times gone by, though they are aware this is likely to be a case of the grass being greener on the other side...

One thing that we can learn from our ancestors is the power of natural extracts to make us feel better. Generations of humans from all cultures, countries and climates have made use of plants and minerals in medicines and for relaxation. This knowledge has not been lost, despite the appearance of extremely effective medicines in modern times; natural extracts are still widely used in essential oils and aromatherapy.

essential oils are more widely used in modern products than one might expect - usually extracted through distillation, they are used to fragrance bathing products, incense, perfumes and cosmetics, as well as in some types of household cleaner. In terms of alternative medicine, essential oils are most...
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